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    A Brief Overview Of DPS Public School

    Our Facilities Help Students Achieve Excellence

    Technology Centre

    We believes in serving a platform for effective teaching by providing smart classes. Sometimes, the students find it difficult to concentrate in regular classrooms. Our classrooms give the solution to this problem by introducing technology enabled teaching and learning tools. The contents in smart class have been specially created for the Indian syllabi and are based on the philosophy of "Seeing is Believing" So, by associating new material through smart class with something familiar, students can better understand if visuals are presented before them to retain new information.


    They offer a rich stock house of knowledge that remains forever with an individual throughout his life. Keeping the importance of books in view, a spacious well - stocked library serves as a special feature of the school. Books related to different subject and fields are available for the students besides Newspapers, Magazines and Journals. Having separate arrangements for students and teachers, this place becomes the best one for them during leisure and in need.

    Art & Craft

    Art & Craft just fit in together. They are a different process, of course, but hold the same meaning: creation. Art involves an unstructured activity where children can explore and create anything with their imaginations; however, craft involves a structured activity where children create something keeping their goal in mind.

    Computer Lab

    Present day is the time of scientific advancement and information technology where computers are becoming indispensable. It is made sure that the DPS PS Kids are in no way left behind whether it is the usage of Multimedia kits for computer games and animations, or for advanced software development. Equipped with the latest Pentium systems, the computer lab is very much in tune with the times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus, which includes understanding of spreadsheets, database management, graphics, internet and basic programming, several projects are also assigned by subject teachers, which have to be completed using the computer.

    Science Lab

    The Science labs are equipped with necessary tools, systems, devices and infrastructure. We appreciate the importance of the lab for a science student and make every effort to enrich the learning experience inside the lab.

    Sports & Fitness

    Academics can be made successful if sports activities are attached to it. DPS Public School aims at encouraging every student to get involved in sports activities. Students, here, get the best facilities of indoor games (chess, carom board, table tennis) and outdoor games(football, skating , basketball, cricket and volley ball). Students are made aware of the significance of health and fitness by practising Yogasans and Aerobics.
    Our Aim

    What We Aim To Accomplish

    To nurture with care and develop inherent talent to bring out the best in each child. We seek to forge life long bond with our students and empowering them to represent our care values of excellence, inclusiveness while constructively contributing to the community as leaders, professionals, artists, academicians, civil servants and achievers in sports or any other chosen fields.. or us education is holistic outcome and we strive hard to provide all opportunities to become a complete human being. The parents can safely entrust the future of their wards into the hands of competent teachers who keenly explore the inherent talent, virtue of the students and support and help them to scale the height of success. An ideal teacher taught and teacher parent relationship based on academic and moral ethical knowledge is another extended distinction of this dynamic institution.

    The Words Of Our Mentor

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